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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle LeKing
Post Content
is there a development site for this? will this be open source software? hope so.

thanks for letting us participate.
many regards.
 Quoting: software 26680639

There will be a website, give me a few days and yes it will be open source :) its coded in vb.net.

Very interesting! Thank you!
Am I the only one who doesn't get a clue?
 Quoting: miqq

Np, I will write a guide and such for everyone once the websites up :)
I don't get it either. It does look easy to use though. I just don't understand the components yet. I think he showed us a screenshot with an example, so I plan to learn from the example and go from there.

Good work LeKing. Take the time you need. I know how it is to do something like this. And, it is appreciated. I know it will speed up the process, greatly!!!!!
 Quoting: Unit3

The basics of it are:
Translate all your most commonly used words into EC, with the program helper you can easily identify your new word, its icons and how you should pronounce each icon.
Once all your words are in EC there shouldn't be anything stopping you from speaking/thinking :) in EC.

Thread: Neuronics: The future of humanity (Humanity without physicality)
Is Chaols thread on Neuronics, it has helped me to understand Neuronics better while creating the software.
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