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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle tuuuuur
Post Content
Went to look at the car and had a great time talking about old cars with the seller; a really nice guy who took the time showing the Peugeot to us. He hoped to finish the car himself, which is taken apart and in the stage of being rebuilt, but complete. He reckons that he as an experienced non-professional would need another 4 years plus a few thousand euros to get it on the road...
In the course of our visit he threw in a few other extra parts, books, and his advice in the offer if we'd decide to buy... Which he asked us to think through well, but he wanted us to let him know within a week or so.

Now I try to make a symbol for it. Would that scarab bead work? My idea is to wind some thread through it's hole, and stick a colorfoul piece of felt or string through it each morning (or evening). Sounds ok?
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