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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content
Hi, Unit3. Your dream is affecting my dream. Now I am seeing stuff about islands. Funny how that works.

The Call of the Castaway
Scores of private islands are for sale off the North American coast, with prices down 25% from their peak
[link to finance.yahoo.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6853315

It is funny. I sort of hoped my dream would affect others here because I'd love for some of us to live around each other. You know, whoever wants to. But now, I'm thinking coastal areas aren't a good idea for us for the next few years. Those areas are affected first as earth changes happen.

My dream seems to have affected my sister too. She just signed a contract about a week ago on a house that she loved. She called the other day and said she broke the contract. All of us were shocked. My sis said she went to look at the house one more time and saw a bunch of things she hadn't noticed before and didn't want the house any more. So she broke the contract!

My mother's comment about this was: "She sure saw something different this last time she went to look at the house." I just kinda smiled, while inside I was shocked, LOL! Made me go hmmmmmmmm!

Anyway, thanks for the link. Those are nice. If you haven't run across Dubai yet, take a look. They have hired Dutch architects to build artificial islands that are amazing. Dubai is sinking and the Dutch feel they have conquered the sea. They sunk the Netherlands during a war to defeat the enemy. (Spanish i think) Anyway, Dubai hired them to build some artificial islands:

This link is a concept, floating city planned for Dubai
[link to www.xenomed.com]

This link is where Dubai is actually selling homes on the islands. The Dutch plan an under the ocean golf course too!
[link to www.theweek.co.uk]

Here's a cool concept, eco, floating home
[link to inhabitat.com]

This company is working on concept floating cities that they want to be free from any government today!
[link to www.seasteading.org]

Those links were in my history. Thought I'd share them.

And here's a home (not floating but interesting)The Japanese built it and it runs on a car battery:
[link to inhabitat.com]

There are several concept island cities on the net. Also, a concept, high-tech, floating house is for sale in the UK, but during Hurricane Sandy, I learned boats leave harbor and go to sea when the weather is bad. It's easier for them to manage that kind of weather out in the sea, so a houseboat isn't safe during violent weather.

I'm now re-thinking my dream and don't really know where to go. I just know I'm going somewhere, at least that's the way it will seem to me. I'm guess I'm not actually going anywhere. 1dunno1

Edit: I've been getting rid of stuff for 3 years and packed for 2 years!!!!! Got my passport a couple of months ago!

I've recently been invited to The Netherlands and Norway, but don't know if that's where I want to go. I feel like my move is soon though, like even next month. I just need to know where.

So, not only am I changing my goal, I don't even know for sure what one of my goals is. blink
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