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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
I just read this about EC in Chaol's other thread:

Thread: Neuronics: The future of humanity (Humanity without physicality) (Page 4)


There are no symbol outputs because the whole process is a symbol output, per Ecsys Prime (near the bottom of the Ecsys home page):

Symbol = logic(possibility2-possibility)+interaction

You're not outputting a reality. You're influencing the relationships that allow you to perceive the reality.

However, Ec is more for changing how you perceive reality, like mapping new neuronal pathways in your brain.

You can get to a very specific perception using Ec but that's quite an advanced use. It would be similar to teleportation (though it is not really) and using Ec as both the programming language and the address to where you're going.

The best way for now is to use the Genius if you want specific perceptions to 'materialize'.

For example: We can use the Genius to materialize a glass of milk in your reality. We can use Ec to experience one of an endless variety of ~(glassess)~(of)~(milk) because we are exploring glass/of/milk possibilities."
 Quoting: Unit3

Thanks for the quote :)
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