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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle (MaJorMan)
Post Content
This is somewhat like a class and Chaol you are the professor.
This would be the first time I've ever asked such a question but, can you come up with some assignments (homework) in regards to using EC and/or the Genius?
 Quoting: (MaJorMan)

funny.. I don't see myself as a professor.

This is like a new type of class and MajorMan you are the teacher.

The teacher teaches someone else and, thus, the teacher can learn it. The students are teachers, and the teachers are students.

Can you come up with some assignments for your class in regards to using Ecsys?
 Quoting: Chaol

How about a joint Genius exercise, along the lines of the 'dream thread' exercise, where all who wish can participate, perhaps with a shared outcome in mind? Would that be possible Chaol?
 Quoting: curve

I knew your response would be around those lines lol.
Sure I can come up with an assignment. I tried before actually to do a joint experiment like the one curve suggested, it never worked tho for some reason.

We all have the same intents for the most part as Western civilization has shaped all of our desires. To keep things organized and to avoid questions about a hundred different symbols, I'm thinking we all create the same symbol, rules, interaction to achieve the intended possibility. Not sure if that can work but I don't see why not, if it doesn't at least we can all start fresh together on a new one until we get it right.

So we all have a perspective of an abundance of money that we are trying to make most relative to our current perspective. We all have keys to unlock doors. So lets use a key as our symbol to unlock this perspective.

Anyone want to pitch in on space, logic and interaction?

Chaol, make sure you pay attention, no sleeping in class lol afro
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