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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Jesse Sovoda
Post Content
If left hemisphere-thinking dominates society, what of emotion?

Are the hemispheres not all ready in sync?
 Quoting: Chaol

Emotion based on personal gains...all for sense of 'I'. Nothing for the sense of 'us'.

Are the hemispheres not all ready in sync you ask? Ask yourself that question, and observe how 'you' answer it. Analytically and in a linear fashion using numbers then words. Ecsys. You compare human thought to the functionality of a CPU and you wonder why ask what I ask. In the manor that I ask.

I have homework for you chaol. Don't sleep for 7 days to loose your sense of I. Promise you that your dominating left hemisphere would rather shut down the body completely out of utter fear, rather than allow the passive right hemisphere to assume primary control. And you ask are the hemispheres not all ready in sync? If they were, sleeping would be a much different experience. A more 'waking' one.
 Quoting: Issius Ulmonus

I meditated until I popped out of body sitting in the void. Once there, I asked myself your question to Chaol.

The response I gave myself was the following:

Although they are both using the same words, they're not talking about the same thing.

The left/right brain argument is no different than the intellectual/spiritual, democrat/republican, left/right, liberal/conservative or nogod/god arguments.

We are as we define ourselves, and we love to define ourselves.

Before anyone can even discuss this, we need a better understanding of the words we're discussing and how each party sees them.

So I guess what I am wondering is: what exactly do you mean by "left" and "right" hemispheres of the brain? The physical or metaphorical? What do you mean by "out of synch"?

Also, have you seen the philosopher's stone? Why do you believe it exists? Have you read "the book of Aquarius"?
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