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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Jesse Sovoda
Post Content
Do you think there is a possibility we could scare him away with requests like this? I mean, how firm are you willing to be? I believe Chaol's credibility is rooted in the uncertainty on who or what he/she/it is.

I'd still follow these threads if he came clean on the possibility he is fantasizing the whole thing. What if he admitted to reminding us this is all just "light entertainment" to absolve himself of any sense of guilt? I think any of it could be possible, or none of it. The information he provides is ambiguous, intelligent, intriguing, fascinating and resonates with me.
 Quoting: Jesse Sovoda

Yes, it's all a hoax. You got me! I am making all this up. I have been watching too many episodes of Laverne & Shirley. Whenever someone asks a question I quickly refer to some books in my library and type as fast as I can.

I did't write it. Someone else did.

Better there be doubt and some thought as to whether or not what I am saying applies to you or your reality, rather than thinking "is he for real?"

If I were really from an alternate universe would I be posting on this website? I would be.. um.. posting on some other website. Or maybe I would fly to the White House or UN building or something and tell them that I come in peace. Or take over the international airwaves with a message of some kind :)

All jokes aside, if you think what we're all discussing has some value for you then it probably benefits your understanding of reality.

If you haven't thought that I am just a regular Joe with too much time on my hands and an active imagination, then I haven't tried hard enough.

But, really, wouldn't that be the way to get past the defensive gates of your mind? Michel de Nostredame comes to mind. Any message that has survived for centuries only does so because it is enveloped in an other kind of package that people don't care to resist. Without the built-in foolishness we would not be on the page # that we're on.

So... I'm just a guy in my mother's basement with some kind of mental illness :)
 Quoting: Chaol

Still, I'm down to hang out if you're ever around. Hell, I've sought "you" out in deep meditation and lucid dreams. I want to see how I render the you most relative "irl".
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