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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
I'll throw out my 2 cents.

First, I think it wise to approach this with a clean slate. No ideas of how it works or how we want it to work. We're here to learn HOW we create perceptions.

I like the idea of wealth. This seems to be a common thread to anything we are trying to create at this point.

Create the symbol: I'd say finding an old key is not a good idea but as you know, I am a little confused at this point. I was thinking of taking 3 toothpicks (twigs or matches) and taping them together, preferably with gold tape or tape it and wrap in gold ribbon. Anyway, something we can carry in a pocket.

Logic: We are into consciousness research so need a facility for our research.

Rules: Cover the symbol nightly with a tissue. Kiss it each morning when the tissue is removed. Sing a lullaby song to it before bedding it down at night.

Space: Read and subscribe to magazines and websites the wealthy read.

Interaction: Call some of the advertisers in these sources. This can also include corporations that might subsidize a consciousness research institute. Take the symbol with you if you visit any of these places.
 Quoting: Unit3

Some comments, if I may.

Logic = Rules (same)

Possibility in this case would probably be your pocket, as it is where your symbol seems to spend most of it's time

Interaction: How does your symbol interact all of the time? If you're calling anyone, how would they interact with your symbol

Rules: the more you have some logic that dictates its interaction with your perspective the better. Your example is fine but it may not be as effective as one that allow it to interact with more of your perspective (the places you go, with whom you interact, how you define your reality, etc)

hope this helps
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