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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi Chaol, teachers and class,

Can a person by a symbol, used with the Genius?


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 918001

*be a symbol!

Can a person be a symbol, used with the Genius?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 918001

Not when used with the Genius*. Too much pre-extant meaning.

*more advanced uses, perhaps. But we're still on the basics.
 Quoting: Chaol

Okay, understood.

So... Can a sound be a symbol? A word?

I'm not trying to ask silly questions, haha, I'm just finding it challenging to "create" a new symbol that does not have *any* prior meaning attached to it.

For example, the key idea. I will all ways still have an existing relationship with said key... It is antique? Then it's like a prop I once used, which has loads of meaning attached. Is it plain and modern? Well, it reminds me of my house key. And on and on, for every variation of a key I could see or use, there is at least some meaning all ready there. Because "key" is all ready in my perspective.

If I wrap the key in gold wire or tape, it does not become something "new" so much as two existing things now blended/bonded together. (And it will probably remind me of a shoddy craft project, which is instantly "Girl Scouts" or "tacky".)

So, I am looking for a way of introducing a new symbol into my perspective. Words that I don't know can possibly work... Like Hiksahh or Olo. These are just words that I made up, that are blank slates. How do I make a physical symbol from these?

Maybe my understanding of creating a new symbol is off? Any clarity appreciated.

Despite this confusion over creating a new symbol, I do know I've had success using the Genius. But in each case, I have just decided that the new meaning assigned to my symbol is the only meaning. Wiped and re-programmed, so to speak. (Even though you have advised against this. I decided to do it any way ;P)

This is what has led me to think about how some "things" might be symbols (like people or sounds or arts or intersections of beams in my home). In fact, I am beginning to believe that every thing (including thought, including me) is a symbol, interacting, logically, in "space".

Also, on a slightly different trajectory, is it possible to use an existing meaning to draw that desired experience in? If I obtained a key to a room at the Bellagio and used that as my symbol, would that not poke a hole into my perspective to where that key would need a slot to fit into? And then presto! Before long I will find myself in Vegas. Perhaps not the best example, but I'm trying to keep it simple in the hopes of understanding. If I somehow got my hands on keys to a Ferrari on ebay or something, would the car to match show up?

Thanks, as usual :)
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