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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle (MaJorMan)
Post Content
I guess we'd have to do some modifications to the key since the key aloe already has meaning assigned to it. Lets wrap some tape around it. Use a key we don't use anymore and remodel it a bit. Maybe add some colors.
 Quoting: (MaJorMan)

I like the idea of the key, though it is already assigned meaning, perhaps it would be preferable to use a key that you cannot recall it's purpose, or never did know what it unlocked? And yes, modify it, make it unique of course.

The Possibility would be our pockets. Though I think I shall modify it in a way that means I can wear it as a pendant or bracelet to increase the Possibilities for Interaction.

We could encourage Interaction by posting pictures online of our symbol, for those on the thread to view, or at least a description of our Symbol.

With respect to structure the only one which comes to mind right now is the intent to expose my Symbol directly to the sun everyday. At a time as close to midday as I can, for a minimum period of one hour. An other rule, will be to explain to any person that asks about this key, that 'this is a symbol of my wealth'. I trust that will lead to further discussion and therefore further interaction.
 Quoting: curve

I like your ideas, especially sharing pictures of our symbol on the thread. I'm on the fence about wearing this weird key thingy around our neck and explaining to those who ask what it's about. A little uncomfortable for me, I know it shouldn't be. For lack of a better idea for our space and structural elements I say that will safice and is actually strong in interacting with a majority of our daily lives.
If I may suggest a change in the rules, how about we wear the necklace inside of our shirt mostly and take it out whenever we interact with money or bank cards? We purchase a magazine that rich people read like the other poster suggested and use our symbol as a paperweight while looking through it. At night we take off the necklace and put it inside of our wallets.

For specifics, we will be shifting perspectives to $50 million dollars in each of our accounts, unless that's not enough for some of our intentions lol.
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