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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content
Now lets come up with a name for our symbol using neuronicons. Lets say the sound of +S I +L +P
 Quoting: (MaJorMan)


I'm in! The only question is, what is our logic for going from current bank account balances to $50 million? Don't we need to provide that idea to our subconscious?

Oh, and do you have phonetics for the sound of the symbol?

Goofy Thum
 Quoting: Unit3

Our logic is we take out the necklace with the symbol on it when interacting with money, using it as a paperweight while reading magazine (Forbes), we put it in our wallets while sleep.

We don't need a specific map of how exactly it will happen. That's why we create a symbol and interact with it on our own terms with a predefined outcome of our interactions. The symbol shows us the way..

What is phonetics?
 Quoting: (MaJorMan)

OK, thank you.

Phonetics is how something sounds, rather than correct spelling.

What we need to figure out is how those symbols you gave sound as one word. So far we have book read. So it would be pronounced phonetically: ugh ee.

But we still need the middle symbol prounounciation.

Edit: We also need to connect it to the Nov. 17 nexus. We can inquire about a safari that starts Nov. 17.

[link to www.thomsonworldwide.com]
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