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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle (MaJorMan)
Post Content
I guess we'd have to do some modifications to the key since the key aloe already has meaning assigned to it. Lets wrap some tape around it. Use a key we don't use anymore and remodel it a bit. Maybe add some colors.
 Quoting: (MaJorMan)

I like the idea of the key, though it is already assigned meaning, perhaps it would be preferable to use a key that you cannot recall it's purpose, or never did know what it unlocked? And yes, modify it, make it unique of course.

The Possibility would be our pockets. Though I think I shall modify it in a way that means I can wear it as a pendant or bracelet to increase the Possibilities for Interaction.

We could encourage Interaction by posting pictures online of our symbol, for those on the thread to view, or at least a description of our Symbol.

With respect to structure the only one which comes to mind right now is the intent to expose my Symbol directly to the sun everyday. At a time as close to midday as I can, for a minimum period of one hour. An other rule, will be to explain to any person that asks about this key, that 'this is a symbol of my wealth'. I trust that will lead to further discussion and therefore further interaction.
 Quoting: curve

A heavily modified key would be a good symbol. The more you 'erase' its pre-existing value for your new value (your intention) the better.

If we just use a key that we don't remember anything about, wouldn't our subconscious remember?

Pockets-as-potential energy would work fine. It could even be attached to the inside of your wallet. A necklace would be fine, too, increasing the interaction.

"this is a symbol of my wealth" is less specific than, say, "this is the key that opens the door to my estate in Monaco". With the former, the map is confused because there is no specific perspective.

hope this helps :)
 Quoting: Chaol

Awesome!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Okay, Major Man, disregard my post re: making something else. Let's go with what you said and modify a key. I'd like to suggest we wrap the key but keep the key shape to improve interaction! What do you say?
 Quoting: Unit3

It's best we transform the oota as far from a key as possible. We don't want to associate it with a key at all.

After wrapping it in foil it became a rectangular shape. I then colored it green with a perm. marker, and proceeded to wrap the entire thing in tape. The only exposure of the key is the hole at the top to make it a necklace. If anyone knows how to create a link to a picture here that would be great.
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