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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
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Now lets come up with a name for our symbol using neuronicons. Lets say the sound of +S I +L +P
 Quoting: (MaJorMan)

According to Ec logic that string would read :

+S'I, +P'+L

oo'dua : oodua,

Can I ask your reasoning for this string? And how this relates to the Genius explanation below. Also, do you have a definition for the word you have created? (Might as well make some new words to add to the Ec-English dictionary while we are at it).

'How do these different parts of the process come together to change your experience?

By adding structure to your representation you attract potential energy and enable the right kind of interactions, from which new representations are born with bring you even closer to (or completely fulfill) our desire.

The time required to see it in your perspective depends on how relative these things are with your current perspective. As in, "how logical would it be to jump there from where I am standing?"

It's not that you're creating the new car out of thin air, but shifting your perspective. The steps above should provide the necessary intent to your "subconscious" to make that shift happen.' Ecsys.org link: [link to ecsys.org]

If the purpose of the Genius is to change our perspective, in this case to: make personal wealth( relevant to our perspectives 'sooner' (basically by reprogramming our "subconscious", or, tweaking our current Logic, or, breaking some rules, or, 'unstructuring' the perspectives which are no longer useful/relevant to us) then my thoughts on an Ec string would be something along the lines of this:

-I+P'+LL, +S+P'IL, -P+L, -I+P'-P+P, +S+I'SI, -PL'L+L, -S+L'-SP, PL'IL', -PL'-P+L, S-L'SP'-I+P', IP'P-P

great, wealth, continuously, flow(s/ing), [to]me, [in]increasing, quantities, via, multiple, sources, with-ease.

j'alu, ea'y, booba, j'unu, oo'i, kata'alu, s(z)'h, naru'y, kata'ta, f'o'j, air'wu.

[(Perspective shifts result in...)optional?] great wealth continuously flowing to me[other-me, my-other] in increasing quantities via multiple sources, with ease. (Here I have paraphrased and added to a mantra suggested on a 'thinking wealthy' video which someone posted earlier on this thread, sorry, I forget who posted it, and from which page it can be found).

If my understanding is correct, Chaos enables the impetus for change, the more chaotic a situation, the more interactions involved between symbols, then, the more possibilities exist for deconstruction/change/creation.
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