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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
I suppose I incorrectly determined value to be equivalent to relevancy.
 Quoting: Jesse Sovoda

Here's an illustration of how it's difficult for us to guess the relevancy of something...

Whatever is prevalent in your perspective now is highly relative to it and, thus, to you.

If an old, rotting ham sandwich is nearby it is more relevant to your current perspective than your mother whom is not.

Take a look around you. Each in your perspective has a high degree of relevancy. This may be obvious to you if you are at home. But it does not stop there.

Walk outside.

The people you pass, the strange things you see, the smells, the experiences, etc. All more relevant than that which you think is more relevant to your perspective.

Just an example of how it's difficult for our "conscious mind" to know the value of something,

and easier for the Genius (the "sub-conscious") to know it because it is the one doing the calculations, so to speak.
 Quoting: Chaol

Thank you. I feel like you used relevancy and value as equivalent terms in this post too. I may be missing something.
 Quoting: Jesse Sovoda

Apologies for the lack of clarity.

Imagine that everything in your reality is assigned a number (a value) from the dust to the photons to the television.

When we add all of these values up we get an other number, a sum that represents your perspective. For this example let's say that sum is 72

Further, let's say that "36" is more relevant to "72" than "73" is (for 36x2). Many other values surrounding "72" are not as relevant to it than "18" or "9", for example.

Putting 72 next to 74 is not as energy-efficient as putting it next to 36 or 144.

So in your "72" perspective, there are values everywhere but not all similar values are equally relative. We can determine the value of something by observing, in a way, that which surrounds it.

hope this helps to clarify.
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