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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle tuuuuur
Post Content

I think you mean that, if I want that to happen, I got to bring my perspective to a point where it is the most logical thing to happen...
 Quoting: tuuuuur


Here's how the previous scenario plays out in your past (the rated G version)...

you would have taken this car along for the ride with you to see the other car, holding it in your hand. Talking to the seller you realize, midway in conversation, that you have something in your hand. You actually forget what it is and you open up your hand, surprised. The person you are with is also surprised and a nexus point is created then and there, enabling the new values in your perspective (in this case, the real car) to interact with your toy car.

After a sort-of short discussion about your toy car the seller would 'make a deal' with you (I am not sure what kind of deal, as I was not paying attention to that part) so that you would essentially get the car for free after doing 1 thing that you consider quite easy in relation to the benefit.

But the good thing is that you now have the symbol that I have pre-programmed for you (for free! lol) that actually did not exist in your reality a few days ago (the memory is also free).

You can use it to unlock the perspective of owning the car. But it is up to you to figure out how.

A hint: see my example above about one of my cars that I purchased and apply it to your car's restoration and post-restoration. Care to enter a contest?

(No more hints. May the 4-sys be with you!)
 Quoting: Chaol

Wonderful Chaol! Thanks for the hint! I'd like me som 4sys! :-)

But then a question arises... what made me not get your hint about this rated G scenario? Apparently something made me not follow although the easier (?) possibility was there.

I'll leaf to the thread looking for your car posts! (I don't quite get the contest thing, but that may have something to do with me not being native english speaker... sorry!)

But today I had a discussion with the wife. She says she finds it a very bad decision to try to get that car; she doesn't think it will fit in our garage; she doesn't think we can afford to store it elsewhere; she doesn't think I am able to pull the restoration off, and she doesn't think we can afford the restoration.

She now says she is sorry that she took me to look at that car, because now she is the cause that I won't go through with getting it and I will resent that with her the rest of her life (she thinks, and maybe she's right).

I was born in a family of possibility-finders am married into a family of problem-seekers. It's odd.
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