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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
Chaol could you please give some feedback on how to continue this along or make it better, all help is deeply appreciated...
I will follow your every suggestion and not give up till I make this relative for us all.

Symbol: straw in wrapper with yellow pipe cleaner twisted around it, with a moon pie wrapper taped around the middle with scotch tape, and a wrapper of a quarter roll taped around the top with duct tape.

Represents: bank notification that 450 million US dollars has been transferred to 9 other accounts. With each receiving 50 million dollars.

Possibility: My windowsill

Logic: will tap my cats on their right ears with symbol everytime they jump onto my windowsill.

Interaction: sharing symbol with others on forum

[link to farm8.staticflickr.com]

What do you think Chaol?
 Quoting: DDHR 20177375

The symbol seems fine.

Possibility (space) seems fine. (But how much a part of your perspective is your windowsill? And how often will your symbol use it?)

Logic seems fine.

For interaction, just keep in mind that your symbol is probably not interacting that much with your perspective. It need not be major interaction, but perhaps just a little more. Think, "What most comprises my perspective?". And allow the symbol to interact with it.

The symbol is a bridge between one perspective and the next, using space (possibility) to interact with the new perspective and focused in it using logic.

hope this helps :)
 Quoting: Chaol

How about this:

Symbol = same

possibility= my laptop crease (where it folds together)

Logic = rub three times when turning on computer, flick when changing websites, and flip when internet crashes.

interaction = subconscious

What most compromises my perspective would have to be my subconscious? Since my perspective encompasses everything, and everything not encompassed in my conscious thought is within my subconscious?

To uncover in my current perspective I have to change the relationships. If I let my subconscious change the value of those relationships, then I can only manipulate its representation (which I did by representing the banking notification as my symbol)

By letting the symbol interact with my subconscious, it should utilize the least energy, as my subconscious has a direct tap to eternal consciousness and can best bridge to the appropriate perspective.

So then is all that is left to focus on the values that surround the perspective, or let my subconscious just deliver the next step without consciously trying to force or discover that meaning?

Am I way off here Chaol?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20177375

That's quite a 'small' space. Are you sure you want your Possibility to be that?

Also, how is your sub-consciousness going to interact? By nature, we would not really know how so this is much more difficult to define.

Is your symbol using the space (and according to your rules) to interact?
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