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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle madcaddy
Post Content

I have been reading Chaol's threads for a few months, but until now did not feel like joining it. It's funny that just after I made up my mind a few weeks ago to join anyway, some of you mentioned how many people are reading this thread, but only a handful of them are actively contributing. So here is one of the silent readers...

As an engineer, I have a rather logical mindset and I am usually pretty critical of things that are discussed on GLP. I actually find it very weird that I ended up on a site that discusses UFOs, crop circles and those kind of stuffs. To be honest this is the first thread that I have not closed right after reading the first few posts.

Anyway the main reason why I am here is because I believe there really is some logic in the Genius that Chaol introduced here and on the ecsys website.

As I have been reading this thread, I could recall quite a few events in my life that most probably happened, because I used a technique similar to the Genius. Although that time I did that without knowing it, now I am willing to do it consciously.

For example when I was a young boy I always wanted a scooter (not the one for kids, but the motorbike). But of course I did not have the money for it. All I could do is to daydream about having it. Actually not the event of getting it, but similar to Chaol's case with the Bentley, I tried to experience with my mind's eye how it feels when I make the scooter stop with my shoes that had red led lights on the back of its sole (maybe you remember those kind of cheap shoes from the beginning of 90's).
Not long after, probably the upcoming summer, my two brothers and me decided to put together our savings and bought a pretty old scooter that we renovated. And then I rode that scooter for real and made it stop by putting my feet on the ground. It felt just like I dreamed about it.

Then a number of years later when I had a pretty hard examination at the university I studied a lot, but the enormous amount of thesis and proofs were not easy at all to understand. At first I always felt like it was not doable, but after I finished studying late in the night I closed my eyes and tried to figure out how it would feel like when I receive an A grade and how the professor would sign my academic record book. And 99% of the time when I did that, I got exactly the grade I expected. When I did not do it (mostly in my earlier years), I had used to get really bad grades, sometimes even failing the exams. But that's probably more than enough of me and my past.

The question that I have not found yet in this thread, and I really wonder why it has not occurred to anyone yet, is WHY does the Genius work? On ecsys website Chaol nicely describes what and how to do to change your perspective (create symbol, create surrounding logic, and allow possibility for interaction, then interact), but there is not a single word about the WHY? Probably it's just me, but as an engineer, I really want to know why things work. I understand, Chaol, that you told us, it is not important why it works, as long as it works, but still it has really been bugging me recently.

So after philosophizing about what I read here and some other websites, I came up with an answer for the following questions: 'Why does the Genius work? Why can it alter our perspective and thus our "reality"?'
I am sure I have not found the ultimate answer for life, universe and everything right away, but I would be glad if you could add your own thoughts or maybe disprove my thesis.

Why does Genius work?

As Chaol has already pointed out, we perceive what takes the least energy to perceive. This is one fact I will use later. Another important aspect is that our subconscious mind never tries to disprove our beliefs, or in other words it will never ever question what our conscious mind tells it, it accepts everything we put into it. An example: if someone thinks that all other people hate them and noone ever wants to talk to them, he/she will perceive that not a single person will talk to him/her. So the experience will match his/her beliefs.

Now, if we consider that when we create a symbol, which is a representation of something, and that symbol has NO PREATTACHED MEANING, then our subsonscious mind will accept that symbol as is. It will not try to make a difference between the actual thing and the representation of that thing, AKA our symbol.

Now we begin to create rules around that symbol. Eg. we want a car, and our symbol is an abstract art made from papier mache or whatever. It really does not matter. Through the rules we allow periodic interaction with the symbol, which (at least for our subconscious mind) is the very same thing as the actual thing it represents.

We also allow possibility for it, eg. put that papier mache to a car dealer, etc.

And here comes the tricky part: according to our conscious mind the car must exist, otherwise we would find it completely illogical to be able to interact with it. This is because we are used to the fact that we can touch, interact with only those stuffs that exist in our reality.
Fortunately the subconscious mind will help us out, because it is so much smarter than what we actually think it is: since we perceive what is easiest to perceive, it will begin to make up a story to make it believable for us that the desired, currently (at least logically) not existing car actually does exist. And in this case the easiest way to perceive (have relationship with, interact with, etc.) something which does not exist yet but you already interact with, is if it actually exists in your perspective, so it is exactly what will happen.

I think that this method not only works for the future, but as someone mentioned earlier, this can even work backwards in time: the subconscious mind might even make up a story that we had a forgotten bank account that holds just enough money to buy that car. It really does not matter how the goal is achieved, the subconscious mind will always find a way to make a believable story for you.

By the way, I am also in for a new car: for the last couple of months I have been daydreaming about a nice, big 7 seater car, but since I already have a nice, comfortable, reliable car, it was just not logical to get another, big one. We have two children, and although I wanted, my wife did not want a third child.
But then this summer I started reading this thread and got to know the Genius, and I created a symbol for that car finally + possibility + rules + interaction, etc. Now I feel that my subconscious mind must have started working on a believable story about why I need that bigger, 7 seater car: a few weeks ago it turned out that my wife is expecting our third child. I was really happy, I must say :)
But then I tried to put a third baby seat to the back of our car, and in spite of all my efforts, it just could not fit even if changing the order of the kid's seats.
I believe this must be a part of the story that my subconscious mind has already come up with. Now it only needs to find out how to actually get that new car, as first our current car needs to be sold at a good price, and we almost instantly need to get that new car otherwise the four of us can't go anywhere. What makes it a little harder, is that I don't know yet how exactly will I get the missing $10.000. But I am pretty sure this isn't much of a problem for the subconscious mind :)

And the reason why our symbol that we use for the Genius should have NO or as little PREATTACHED MEANING as possible, is because then our subconscious mind will parallelly also make up another story to make that other thing (which was also represented by the symbol) exist too, that we probably did not event want to exist.
Moreover, if we are not sure what other things it might represent besides what we intended, we might attract some unknown, sometimes nasty bad stuff to us and end up with a reality that we are not comfortable with at all.

Sorry for the mistakes in language and the typos, but it is already late at night here and unfortunately English is not my native language (and neither is EC :)). I would really appreciate any comments on my thoughts above.
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