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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
I called the seller and the deal is off... no extension to the 17th.
 Quoting: tuuuuur

Doesn't matter. You got the 17th nexus energy connected to it. Now, keep doing the exercises you feel to do. The seller can easily change his mind.
 Quoting: Unit3

If the seller is focused upon the car itself may become unfocused.
 Quoting: Chaol

Would it have been better to tell the seller he hopes to have the car by Nov 17 then? He is keeping his focus on the car. He's doing visualization exercises. Seeing himself driving it, the look on his wife's face when he gets it, etc;.
 Quoting: Unit3

Although some focus is on the car there is what "seller" represents.

A seller is, of course, someone who has something to exchange for something else of value. But when this exchanged-for thing is thought of as money we may be overlooking what other things can be exchanged. Experience, for example.

The car was never meant to be purchased. It is a gift.

The 'deal' (as can be said now that most of the possibility has passed) was for the car to be brought back to its former glory by the giftee and entered into a contest, sponsored by the gifter.

Yes, it was close (though still not over). However, the confusion lay in 2 possibilities being presented.

One possibility, a dead end so to speak, is the intent to purchase a car that is not really for sale with money that is not there. The "seller" is looking for something that money cannot buy.

An other possibility is to excite possibilities in the owner's mind about what the car is (could be) if only it was in the right hand. (Something that would have happened if the model car was in hand, and unveiled, while talking with the gifter.)

"Would it have been better to tell the seller he hopes to have the car by Nov 17 then?", is not a focus on the possibilities of the car itself, which is the intent from what I understand.
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