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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle X Won
Post Content
Yes, it makes sense. And it can be done.

The difficult part, though, is determining what the symbol is (loosely) for so that it could be discarded or interactions enhanced if need be.

Eventually, though, I'm hoping some of us will get to the point of creating the symbols on-the-fly (mentally) so this could be a logical path to there.
 Quoting: Chaol

I must have misunderstood before when you made comments that the symbol was to be free of extant representation. For instance, when I asked whether it was better for my symbol to represent my new position, or the paperwork associated with the new position, I understood you to say that it should be free of any 'meaning'. Meaning that I should not have associated anything about any thing of the "position" or any part there in and just make a symbol (with the subsequent steps) and let my subconscious fill in the rest.

So now, I take it to mean that the symbol should be free of any conscious relation, but that it should have some semblance of what we were "intending" with the creation of the symbol (and steps) in the first place?

So that would mean that I shouldn't just start creating symbols (and steps) willy-nilly without having any semblance of what I was intending for each symbol to bring about [in my perception] in the first place?

Again, thanks so much for your input. THIS is really my last one I'll bother you with today.
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