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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content
Team Chaos (As Chaos is the goddess of interaction and interaction allows for relationships and these are only things that are real):

1 create a symbol

Just anything that doesn’t have a preassigned meaning, create something physical. This is your representation for 50 million US dollars in your account, and all you really have control over, your subconscious (genius) will handle the rest.

Focus not on the thing you want itself, but on the experiences surrounding it. (i.e. a tax form you must fill out for an income exceeding 50 million US dollars.)

2 find possibility (potential energy, space, emotion, capital, incentives)

Chaol mentions that it will benefit those involved in a group to have our symbols as part of the same space. I believe that the internet is the best space we all share. It is also a very large part of our perspectives and offers the potential for large amounts of interaction

3 interaction (association, conversation, playing, competing, consciousness)

the interaction should enable the logic, which allows for relationships. By making a symbol and putting it on the internet, We can allow for numerous people to interact with that symbol. As well as the numerous non obvious interactions that would take place from utilizing the world wide web as the space for possibility.

4 Logic (rules, logic, structure, hieracrchy)

These rules are unimportant and can be anything. However they should be enabled from the interaction. If your interaction is a person interacting with your symbol on the web, make rules for those interactions (i.e. clap your hands every time your symbol gets a thumbs up on facebook)

get excited and....GO TEAM CHAOS!!!!

Or as my good friend Shadow would say…
[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Dodec 20177375

1) Symbol: egg carton holder with a toothpick stuck through it and a red dot made with fingernail polish. (Scroll down)
[link to perceptionmap.blogspot.com]

2) Space: Will leave symbol in bank @ 11:00 AM every Tuesday while I do my banking. (will be going to different branches so I don't think I need a different symbol each time. It's still the bank my account is in.)

3) Interaction: Someone will throw it away or say something about it.

4) Every time my account has an additional $12,581.74 in it, I will purchase a $1.00 lottery ticket. (until I reach $50 million)

I will do the same thing as above for a visit to Barnes and Noble @ Noon on Tuesdays, with a different symbol.

Another Edit: I just saw where Chaol said to do multiple Genius models. So, I'll make a Genius model for the lottery tickets too. Also for the CPA, tax attorney and investment adviser.

Edit: Btw, thanks for the cheer! cheer
And kewl video! LOL!
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