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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content
P.S. To the silent reader that just posted. Glad you're here. We are all learning together and I feel each brings a perspective that is helpful for others. Good luck with the Genius! flower
 Quoting: Unit3

Thank you!

Been reading for a long time. Your questions have definitely helped me to understand a few things.

I'm following the group project with much interest. I will throw in some input/suggestions if I can think of anything! hf

P.S. I did just notice this:

Every Genius has 4 elements:
(I've noticed we seem to use interchangeable words with the elements so I'll try to include them.)

Potential Energy, Space, Possibility, Rules
 Quoting: Unit3

And wanted to say that I think Rules falls under the Logic category - just wanted to clear any confusion before it gets too deep :)
 Quoting: Arellios 27259854

Thanks. You're right that the confusion needs to be cleared as early as possible.

I keep going back to the website for my base and the terms have morphed since then. I forget what I learn! ;o(

Anyway, here's another way to look at it:

Symbol is............what.
Space is.............where.
Interaction is ......how.
Rules are............what happens.
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