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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
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Another silent reader here :) I want to see if Chaol can clarify some things for me.

Let's say that I want to use The Genius to get a new house. So, I visualize myself standing in my new house and I start to perceive the other objects around me.

To my left is a table. On the table is a letter from a company called Service Pros. It's a thank you letter, thanking me for my recent business. They came out to my house to fix my heating unit just in time for the winter. I even remember the first time the faulty unit was brought to my attention by the person selling the house. I got a better deal on the house because of it.

Attached to the letter is a receipt for the $143.92 that I already paid them for fixing it.

I see this as logical narrative. So now I would create a symbol, give it logic, find space for it and then interact with it. My question is, would I define the new symbol AS the letter? When I interact with the symbol, when I follow a rule I've created for it, and when I place it on my computer desk (space), does my subconscious know that I'm actually interacting with the the letter on the table? Does it know that I'm following the logic of the letter and perceiving the table it sits on as it's space? Does it then work to bridge the two perspectives?

Or am I ruining the symbol by defining it as the letter? Am I forcing the symbol to exist as a small pre-defined possibility therefore limiting other ways from which the house would come about?

Sorry for the wall of questions, but you're input is appreciated! tounge
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Can Service Pros fix something where you live currently? If not, it would work much better. If they can then you may just end up with a broken something where you are currently, because that would be the path that your Genius sees as most efficient to your destination.

You'll want to shoot for something that is only likely to exist as part of the experience of your new house.

However, your new symbol would not be the letter itself. That is too obvious and would require lots of energy to experience it multiple kinds of physicality*. Your goal can, in stead, be to receive such letters or communication.

You would then create a Genius path to it.

You can just create a random, unique symbol with that in mind. There is no need to create an obvious symbol or one that you think would work. Just do it randomly and your sub-conscious will take care of the rest.

You and your current perspective (your house, your family, your life, etc.) can then interact with the new symbol. It could be as simple a thing as a question, "What is that?" asked by someone. Or even a rat chewing on it. This enables your current perspective to be drawn to your 'future', desired perspective.

(Really you're just bringing your future perspective out of the current one. It's kind of like a sculptor chipping away at stone. Except that you're doing it mentally, at every moment, and on-the-fly with everything that you see, know, touch, feel, dream, etc.)

Your Genius knows everything. It knows it even before you do. (There is no separation between you and your sub-conscious. I just use these terms and phrases for ease of illustration.)

Imagine that when you see something 'new' or unique in your perspective for the first time your sub-conscious is open to suggestions as to what it is. So you make a suggestion (by intention) that, for example, "this ball of clay with the ice cream flag on it is my new car!"

Your sub-conscious says, "Yeah, ok. That will work." because it has nothing invested in the symbol. (Which is why we need to use symbols that have as little pre-existing value as possible.)

Then when you interact with your ball of clay you are actually interacting with your new car. To your sub-conscious there is not much difference between the car (in your future) and your ball of clay.

But wait.. your sub-conscious realizes that it will be difficult to pick up your cousin with a ball of clay. Further, it will need to be fixed at the mechanic and may need an oil change. It will take too much energy for your sub-conscious to perceive picking up your cousin in a ball of clay. It will also take too much energy to change the oil in your ball of clay. (It can be done, of course, as every possibility exists. But the question is, "How much energy does it take to bring it to your perspective?")

So then it changes your perspective of your ball of clay into the new car that it also is in order to conserve as much energy as possible.

With the Genius we're just using (what I call) Ecsys Prime, which is that "We perceive that which takes the least amount of energy to perceive".

In a way it's tricking your perspective. It doesn't really care about cars or balls of clay. It's pretty much all the same to it. It is only about relationships and the fact that it will waste a lot of energy (meaning, it is not relative) to change the oil of a ball of clay. And since the ball of clay has been interacting with the new Toyota dealership service center it will take more energy to perceive going someplace new, so it may as well be a Toyota. etc, etc.

So there's no need to force anything. When we think we're smarter than our Genius then it's unlikely to work :)

*once you 'wish' it it is all ready fulfilled by your sub-conscious in what would be called metaphysical reality. This usually completely satisfies the need for the 'real' experience that you wanted. Putting it further into your current physical experience is something that your Genius would see as a waste of energy unless there is an other reason for it (an other logical narrative that would dictate that your Genius present the experience to you).
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