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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content
As we decide a group project, let's recap some of the things we have learned.

1) Each space must be defined.
2) A symbol is assigned to each space with each space having it's own symbol
3) Symbols may be mental and can be positioned at any time in the past/present/future.
4) Symbols should have the least amount of value possible. They need not even look like any known thing.
5) Every interaction is neutral, so leaving a symbol in a space where it might be thrown away is acceptable interaction.
6) If the space is changed, it must be defined and a new symbol created.
7) Logic must be incorporated so it makes sense how one goes from current perspective to new perspective.

Every Genius has 4 elements:
(I've noticed we seem to use interchangeable words with the elements so I'll try to include them.)

Potential Energy, Space, Possibility, Rules

The elements are the logical steps to fulfill the goal.

1) So, we have a thing(symbol)

2) We make rules about the symbol (which do not need to make sense, in fact it's better if they don't make sense. Singing to the symbol for example.)

3) We decide how the symbol will be interacted with. We take the symbol some WHERE and do something with it.

4) Logic: What I'm going to do when someone interacts with my symbol.

 Quoting: Unit3

Hi. Some notes:

Altough (for 3) the entire exercise can be mental I would not suggest it until you've got a feel for how the physical works. You can try it (as I do consciously) but it's a bit more advanced. It's something that your sub-conscious is doing right now and may be a bit overwhelming to experience.

For 7, the logic need not make sense. It's just a way to define limits. Otherwise it's too abstract for your sub-conscious. If the logic is crazy or strange that's fine also (I recommend it, because it really wakes your sub-conscious us and fortifies the perspective).

And, as an other poster has stated, "Rules" are the Logic element.

Edit: I wonder if it would be easier to decide something to happen for each of us individually rather than a group? Such as, each of us get $50 million in our bank account. Then, we talk about the steps and logic to go from current perspective to the new perspective?

I'm thinking if we can agree on one thing, then we can work together trying to figure out the rest of the steps.
 Quoting: Unit3

No, not easier. The question is how relative is it? If one person has an idea that others can contribute to, for example, is it easier than perceiving 10 separate things happening?

The easiest, probably, is to take an idea that someone has and turn it into something big.

An alternative would be to make it a contest where each person comes up with their own model and try it for a couple of weeks, reporting on progress, to see what actions and Genius types can work best for you. Then, using that experience, do something that has greater benefit.

Some issue here is that we are focused on the details of the goal rather than the perspective that achieving the goal entails.

The Genius works out the details about how to get there. You only need to focus the perspective using the elements. But here is the issue... don't focus on the goal. Create a sense of focus for the Genius using the elements. hope this helps :)
 Quoting: Chaol

Yes, it helps a lot. Thank you so much. And, I like the idea of waking up the subconscious by doing crazy and strange things, heh!

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