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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle madcaddy
Post Content
I just decided to join the Genius exercise to earn some money. It could solve my car problem, and maybe we could even move to a nice big house, too :)

But then the following occurred to me: what if I wish for $50 million USD, then I get it, but it comes with a burden that I never wished for (eg. comes in an illegal way)? Or it comes in a form of heritage (probably my subconscious finds that needs the least energy to achieve), so someone I love will have to die? I really don't want that.

This means that when deciding on my goal I have to be really-really careful. Also I have to be as specific as possible when deciding on the source of that income, so that it cannot cause any harm to anyone. But then again if I introduce such limitations, it also limits the possibilities, right?

Since I cannot be smarter than my subconscious, what if I don't take something into account (do I really have to think about everything where things could possibly go wrong?) when defining my goal and I end up with a perspective that I did not want?

I begin to feel Genius might be a double-edged sword. Be careful what you wish for, because it might come true.
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