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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle X Won
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Why is that? Why can be the symbol, interaction and logic be practically anything (totally not related to what the symbol represents / what the goal is), but not the possibility?

But why is that the logic and interaction elements in Genius can be anything? Would not the subconscious get confused when eg. a dog eats my car (in reality the dog holds the piece of clay in its mouth)? Also what if I decide that the logic would be to throw the car (actually the piece of clay) to the ceiling three times when somebody makes an offer on buying my old car? Would not the subconscious get confused that I am doing impossible things like flinging a 1.7 ton car?

I would find it more logical to create similar logic and interaction to what I would do with the actually represented thing: the car. So the logic would be to wash it on Sundays, the interaction would be to let my kids sit on it, it would be stored in the garage, etc.

I can't get it, really. A few days ago I thought I understood these things better, but now I feel I know nothing.
 Quoting: madcaddy

Madcaddy, as to what you wrote above, think about the relation of the Possibility element to that of Potential Energy. Also, don't try to "out smart" your subconscious in this process--that is, the subconscious wouldn't be confused by a dog eating the ball of clay because, to your subconcious, what you perceive as "a dog eating the ball of clay" is in reality "the techician installing the dashboard to your new Ferrari" (or something such).

The way I understand it is we are not to make assumptions or presumptions on behalf of our subconcious. Ever.

Ironically, it was your post who helped me to see this. And for what ever reason, it clicked last night.
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