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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
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the subconscious wouldn't be confused by a dog eating the ball of clay because, to your subconcious, what you perceive as "a dog eating the ball of clay" is in reality "the techician installing the dashboard to your new Ferrari" (or something such).

The way I understand it is we are not to make assumptions or presumptions on behalf of our subconcious. Ever.

Ironically, it was your post who helped me to see this. And for what ever reason, it clicked last night.
 Quoting: X Won 1407931

Well, then it seems we can help out each other. That example with the dashboard installing really helped. I always forget what I perceive only looks this and that because this is the easiest to perceive. But it might be entirely different from what my subconscious sees. That way interaction really does not matter, the only importance of it is that through forming relations it makes the car (or whatever is represented by the symbol) more relative to my perspective.

Now I see why symbol, logic and interaction can be anything. The question is why is it important that the space/possibility element should be somehow related to the goal? Eg. why is it better for the possibility element to be a bank when one wants to see $50 million USD on his/her account than eg. the wall in the kitchen? As far as I understand the conscious mind can only mess up with things, so the less logic it finds in the symbol and the rules the better -- it will let the subconscious do its job. But then isn't it all the same if the possibility element is the kitchen not the bank, as long as it provides enough possiblity for interaction and thus for the symbol to form relations with the things already perceived?
 Quoting: madcaddy

Here's my understanding. The subconscious is indeed a Genius and works with symbols. The less meaning to symbols and the crazier, the more it wakes up the subconscious.

However, we are also moving our perspective from current to desired perspective so something needs to make the connection for us. This is why the space is so important that the symbol is carried in the hand rather than in a bag. That space is the "new" perspective your old perspective is connecting to and needs to interact with.

Hope I'm right and that this helps.
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