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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
Chaol I'm quite confused now. I have read the past few pages of this thread and I think I've been doing it all wrong. I did make a model and thought I had assigned the rules and interaction and space correctly but I'm now not sure. My space was defined as my surroundings. Not a specific space. So I placed the model in different spots of my flat (room, kitchen, on too of the fridge etc) just letting it get a feel for everywhere. But now I don't know if that is what you meant by space.

Anyway here's my model. Please tell me what you think

Laura's Ecsys model for millions to get my dream home

Symbol: A model made from:
5 toothpicks
A small white tube like thing with a flat base(don't know what it is really, looks like a lighthouse). It has holes going through it and a hole at the top that you can blow into.
A sprite plastic bottle cap (blue)

I glued the bottle cap to the white tube thing.
I stuck a toothpick on he base of the cap and another one through one of the holes.
So now I had two toothpicks sticking out of my blue bottle cap tower.
Then I used a plaster to tape one end if the two toothpicks together and stuck three other toothpicks on the opposite side of the plaster joint.
So I have two toothpicks from one end with my blue cap tower, the plaster joint and the three toothpicks from the other end.
This world is my very first genius model. Ta da!!

Structure: my model represents my wealth. Everyday I use it I am getting richer by the millions. It interacts with me and my environment.

Interaction: I bring it out with me on my journeys once in a while and allow it to interact with my works around me. People ask questions about it. At work, someone asked if I liked making things and didn't give me much of a chance to explain about it before he started telling a story about his little daughter who loves making things all the time. (Goes to show you my level of creativity lol)
People definitely wonder about it when I bring it out on the train or in the shops.

Possibility/space/potential energy:
I have it near me at all times. At home, I remove it from my bag and put on my dressing table or table or on the fridge or in the bathroom. Most of the time it's on my table or dressing table when I'm at home.
I put it in the play perfume box when I'm going anywhere and put it in my bag to prevent breakage. So in essence it is always with me anywhere I go.
I bring it out sometimes at work and rest it on my computer shelf/desk while I work.
I bring it out on the train and sometimes when I go to shops.

Logic: I twirl it 20 times everyday (on a flat surface) representing the twirling from joy at my fortune
I blow into the white thingy 20 times everyday representing the numerous sighs of relief and better breathing levels at my comfortable lifestyle.
I sing at least one song into it once a day representing my joy from knowing that I am exactly where I want to be and I'm singing for it daily!

The millions will enable me to acquire my dream of owning my dream home. A tall building with three houses on one side of the road and two on the opposite side (which is where my own dream house is)
There is a pool in my house and its amazing.
I was able to decorate my dream house from scratch by myself due to excessive amount of money I have.
I am really close to my next door neighbours who happen to be people that I love and they sometimes come round and we have a good time. I love my life!

Just recently, I thought of this and don't know if I can add to my already created model in this way:

The model represents my dream house.
The toothpick being the structure of the dream house (tall building)
The blue cap is the pool
The white thingy is the connection between me and my surroundings/people around me
The plaster signifies me doing up my dream house on my own and healing my life in the process.

Ok Chaol please analyse this. hf
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27068324

It seems fine. No need to change it. It sounds like you've made a nice first attempt.

Your Possibility is also fine. (You've defined it as your home.)

The "Structure" line doesn't belong though. Logic you all ready have.

Let me know how it works and what changes you see :)
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