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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
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Chaol: you mentioned earlier that it does not matter what the symbol is, as long as it has no preattached meaning. Similarly the logic and interaction is not relevant, as long as they are able to create relationship with my reality (things relevant to me). However as far as I understand space/possibility cannot be anything, it needs to be a place which relates to the goal (eg. in Unit3's case it should be a bank if the goal is to get $250 million USD).
 Quoting: madcaddy


Your Possibility element can be any defined space. There is no limitation as to what is it, as long as it's something that can be used for its space and it is defined as a type of space.

The more you have related your Possibility element to your intention the more relative the resultant interactions are.

Just as a rule of thumb you can say that the bigger the space is the more interactions with your symbol there can be inside of it.

Why is that? Why can be the symbol, interaction and logic be practically anything (totally not related to what the symbol represents / what the goal is), but not the possibility?
 Quoting: madcaddy

The basic formula of Possibility is 5-3=2. “Symbol without Interaction”.

In a way your space is your symbol (before it interacts). When it interacts it "becomes" what your symbol represents.

If I decide to represent a car with a piece of clay for instance, then my subconscious accepts it as if it was the car (truely it is, I just can't see it yet). However when I would like to pick up my friend, the subconscious would have a hard time making me believe that piece of clay is actually a car. So it will have to make up a story that I actually own that car and then I can really pick up my friend with it.
That sounds logical to me.
 Quoting: madcaddy

Your sub-conscious knows the difference but it does not care how you interpret it. It only cares about the relationships between symbols.

When the dog chews on the clay then your sub-conscious thinks, "The dog is chewing on the clay" but it also perceives an identical reality where the same relationship occurs (just as an example, perhaps in the other reality the dog is chewing on the tire).

The "story" that is being made up is the stepping stone to the new perspective.

You are all ready driving the car both in the symbol of the car and the symbol of the clay because the relationships become the same through your sub-consciousness (because are assigning the same value to it). But marrying this other perspective (of which there are many ways to see the clay/car) to your current perspective is what the Genius does.


-both realities (and more) exist now and they are of the same value

-Your sub-conscious knows the difference but it does not care because the values are the same.

-You experience "car" instead of "clay" once you find a way to move from one perspective to the other. This is done by the logic, interactions, etc., as a way to marry the new perspective with your current perspective

But why is that the logic and interaction elements in Genius can be anything? Would not the subconscious get confused when eg. a dog eats my car (in reality the dog holds the piece of clay in its mouth)? Also what if I decide that the logic would be to throw the car (actually the piece of clay) to the ceiling three times when somebody makes an offer on buying my old car? Would not the subconscious get confused that I am doing impossible things like flinging a 1.7 ton car?

I would find it more logical to create similar logic and interaction to what I would do with the actually represented thing: the car. So the logic would be to wash it on Sundays, the interaction would be to let my kids sit on it, it would be stored in the garage, etc.

I can't get it, really. A few days ago I thought I understood these things better, but now I feel I know nothing.
 Quoting: madcaddy

The sub-conscious does not get confused. If it looked at something that was confusing, for example, it would interpret it as something that made sense to it. That is the nature of perspective and it's what you're doing right now.

The chair you're sitting in is not a chair but your interpretation of something that is not a chair.

Confusion arises when we're trying our hardest to waste energy and swim against the cognitive tides... but the sub-conscious knows to just go with the flow.

There's no need to make an obvious connection with your symbol. Your Genius figures it out for you.

Please let me know if I can further clarify any of the above.
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