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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content
Kewl. At least I'm getting somewhere. BUT, we aren't finished with this yet. Houston, we have a problem. 1doh1

I am not interested in changing my perspective where the majority of my time is spent in handling money. Nor do I wish to create a perspective where the majority of people I have to deal with are people that are not hanging out here. I want the free time to hang out here and learn to use the Genius on the fly! Heh!

So, I have some ideas. ohyeah

I'd like to tie this to my timeline WITHOUT erasing memory. I'm thinking of either "my" inheritance that has just been discovered. (There is a possibility I am related to the Churchills and/or the Marriot family.) Or a foundation sponsors me for research and gifts funds to me. Or, we can through our Genius work, bring some lawyers, tax accountants, CPA's into the thread, hehe! Something along those lines.

I thought about introducing a Trust Fund set up by a relative at my birth, but I'm afraid of erasing memory!

Any comments?

Edit: I'm also going to modify the symbol. Instead of a plastic something with a red dot, I'm going to cut out a small piece of the paper that comes in the egg carton, crunch it up like a spit wad and put a red dot on it.

Another Edit: I just realized, if I modify the symbol to a little wad of paper, I can go to the branch of my bank that I always go to. No need to go to all the different branches since I won't be quite as strange, heh!
 Quoting: Unit3

Memory is more or less based on relativity, so you would only 'forget' if it weren't relative to your current perspective.

(This doesn't mean you cannot forget your name or where you live. If you do, then you're in a different reality than you were before where those things are not relevant and/or there is other existing conflict where you are not sure which is which.)

May I ask, when did you discover your possible inheritance? Was it anytime in the last 4 weeks?

Sticking to one branch should be more effective, especially since you'll be able to make relationships (with the persons there) stronger.
 Quoting: Chaol

Chaol, would it be more effective to leave the symbol at the teller's counter where I will be interacting? Or is it okay to leave it at the counter where people write out their deposit slips? (It's 2 different counters.)

One reason I want to use the writing counter is the tellers are at different windows every time I go in. I could specify leaving it at a teller's window but that is not as specific as the writing counter.

Edit: Also, at this branch, the drive-in window is used more than inside. What about leaving another symbol at the drive-through? I could specify which lane and tape it to the intercom.

Also, how exact do I need to be on the 11:00 AM timing? I decided it's too complicated so I took out the exact time and just have I'll go to the bank on Tuesdays. Is this ok?
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