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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
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I want to keep this thread posted with updates to my first few Genius attempts. Today was the first day my symbols were placed in Possibility for interaction...wow, what a surprise it was.

I got to school very early and placed the metal tool symbol inconspicuously (at first, I said I would place it in the open, but feared it being discovered and thrown away, so I crawfished and more or less hid it). I performed my rules and then placed my other symbol in a different Possibility.

We ended up having class in the technical room, and the instructors actually moved everything out of the way and put my symbol right into open view. It was crazy how the focus became on the exact area I had hid it and how much attention was given to moving the stuff that was blocking it. Nobody said anything about the weirdly decorated tool that was in plain view during class. But after words, a guy in my class came up to me out of nowhere with my symbol in hand and said, "hey, you know what this is?". I replied that I didn't...thinking that he had seen me put it there (which he absolutely hadn't), to which he went on to tell me what the tool is used for TOTALLY IGNORING the decorative oddities adorning it. I played cool like they weren't there either and just acted cool. His demeanor when talking to me about it was very odd...not like this guy at all. He kept looking at it like he wasn't sure if it was going to jump out of his hand...very odd. Then, another guy came out of no where and started talking about how he used the same kind of tool before while holding the symbol and, again, NOT NOTICING the crazy accoutrements on it. (And this is not subtle decoration...it's like a drill bit wrapped in wire with a fuzzy pipe cleaner coming out the end and colored with magic marker. Then, ANOTHER guy comes up and starts talking about the tool...SO ODD. I was just sitting down with these 3 guys standing around me acting in a daze around my symbol....and they did act like daze-E's.

Also, all day, people have been so out of character. Everyone was talking about dreams and illusion of reality type stuff...about perception!!! These are people who only talk about sports and TV and beer and chasing tail.

SO WEIRD!!! There's more, and I'll right it later.
 Quoting: X Won 1407931

LOL! What a trip. Are you willing to upload an image of your symbol? I'd love to see it.

Thanks for telling us about this. How very interesting. It reminds me of the day I watched the weather report on tv and the graphics seemed alive. It hasn't happened again (and I've watched the weather report every day since then, looking for it) so I'm looking forward to when this type thing will lock and load for me!!!!

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