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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
Any feedback is appreciated Chaol,


To view a proof of transaction that shows that I transferred 450 million US dollars to 9 separate accounts, each receiving 50 million US dollars.

Symbol: create functional Breakage website (which would be in the future, as it is only a prototype now)

Potential energy/ Space
: Internet

Interaction: People interfacing with the website.

Logic: A.) whenever we give away a prize I will do a sit-up

B.) Whenever there is a record amount of money we giveaway to a story “breaker” I will do a push-up

1. Would this not work because there is not yet an exact path for how the website becomes functional?

2. Would it be better to have the symbol be the current prototype, or would that already have attached meaning?

Thank you for you continued help Chaol!
 Quoting: Dodec 20177375

The prototype can be the symbol. You all ways need to represent it now.

However, you can also represent it indirectly with a bonne tot. As long as you're working with the bonne tot right now.

Your Potential Energy element is fine. It could also be something on or of the internet (which is more readily-defined, as the bounds of the internet is moving into the realm of abstraction).

For your logic, how many sit-ups and push-ups can you do? Your results may be limited by this. As in, "I can't give away that many prizes because I'm tired of doing push-ups." It need not make sense. It could be that you'll ring a golden bell. When your site is popular and you're giving away lots of prizes you can make a Flash animation of a continuously-ringing golden bell and it would still work.

Nice work. I can almost see it on the horizon.
 Quoting: Chaol

So we can change the logic at any time, after we start? So Dodec could do the sit-ups until a certain point and then the flash animation after that point? And does the second point need to be established when the Genius is created?
 Quoting: Unit3

The logic would not change, as a bell would still be rung (if your logic is, "Ring a bell every time...").

But if you change it from "Ring a bell..." to "Do a sit-up..." ,then you would need to make a new Genius model.
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