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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
Symbol: I created a Genius symbol for the feeling I have during our first travel to the mountains with our new Ford S-Max car. The symbol is made of two cardboards, white and blue. It is something like an origami that I made randomly. Also glued it together so it won't fall apart.

Here you can see a picture of it: [link to img692.imageshack.us]

Sorry for the bad image quality, it seems this is all my phone camera is capable of in low light.

I have been planning such a journey with my family for a long time and it is far more relevant to me than just getting a car. Probably it works even better, like it did for Chaol using the symbol for fixing the rim scratches of his Bentley.

Car details:
- 7 leather seats
- heated front seats
- electronically adjustable and foldable mirrors
- air conditioned
- metallic white color and the windows are darkened from the B pillar
- 163 hp 2.0 TDCi engine with 6 shift manual transmission
- 17" light alloy rims, 225/50 R17 tires
- automatic tire pressure checking
- the driver seats adjusts electronically and has 4 memory slots
- Sony hifi
- sunroof
- Converse+ dashboard screen
- adaptive tempomat
- navigation
- parking camera

Possibility/space: Ford dealership.
I will bring this symbol with me on Saturday (November 17) to a Ford dealership, where I am going to test drive an S-Max (not mine though, because it does not have leather seats, but looks similar to mine). I will try to ask if I can leave my symbol there or just simply leave it on the counter at the right moment :) As far as I know it does not matter if they throw it away, it is still an interaction. However I think I will put it to somewhere where it can interact with its surroundings for as long as possible.

Interaction: new car magazines and pamphlets nearby. People planning to buy a Ford. Ford dealership personnel. Lot of Ford cars. Car parts. Paperwork. Keys.

Logic/rules: until I get in my own S-Max, whenever I see an S-Max, I will smack with my fingers. If I see it has leather seats, I will smack twice. If I see one completely identical to the one I'd like, I will smack three times: right hand - left hand - right hand.

Chaol, do you think the above could work? Should I include less details maybe for the car, or is it okay if I have a goal with that much details?
 Quoting: madcaddy


Let your sub-conscious work out the details.

For your Interaction element, how would you like your Symbol to interact?
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