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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
I'll go ahead and post this. I want to see how to use multiple symbols. Thanks.

Bank statement with $250 million USD.

1) Symbol: Wadded up paper from egg carton holder with a red dot on it.

2) Space: Will leave symbol on writing counter in my branch of the bank every Tuesday. Will also go to bank Nov 17 and leave symbol at the counter.

3) Interaction: Someone will throw it away or say something about it. People will be writing checks and filling out deposit slips while it sits there. Voices will carry sound to it.

5) Logic: Every time my account has an additional $10,000 USD, I will jump on one foot. Every time my account has an additional $500,000.00, I will sing the froggie song to my bank statement. Every time my account has an additional $1 million USD, I will purchase a $1.00 lottery ticket (until I reach $250 million) and tickle it.

I will do the same thing as above for a visit to Barnes and Noble on Tuesdays with a different symbol.

1) Symbol: A piece of scotch tape with fuzz from the carpet on it.

2) Space: I will leave the symbol at the investment section of books.

3) Interaction: People will walk by it, move it and throw it out.

5) Logic: Same as above.

I will carry a symbol in my bag on Tuesdays.

1) Symbol: Twisted piece of paper with a string tied around it.

2) Space: Bag

3) Interaction: Symbol will be placed in bag before running errands. Bag will go into all places I visit that day. Bag will be on counter in bank, on bookshelf in Barnes and Noble and with me the rest of the time while running errands. Will get into bag when I pay for something, to put $ in it when I go to the bank, to put car keys in it, etc;. Symbol will come out of bag when I get home and be placed on my most expensive piece of art until the next Tuesday.

5) Logic: Same as above.

Nov 17 nexus

1) Symbol: Stone with blue mark on it.

2) Space: Drive-through at bank, on ground by intercom.

3) Interaction: Cars will drive by. Sound of voices, wind, birds will be in the area.

4) Logic: Same as above.
 Quoting: Unit3

It all seems fine. Let me know of any thing you experience related to gobs of money ;)

(had to qualify that one.. hehe)
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