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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content
1) Can you also answer how to keep a reference point within chaos?

2) I received a language several years ago. May I use it instead of Ecsys?

3) Is Ecsys used with symbols, much the same as the girl in the video?

4) Why you need a month to prepare for the bigggggggg nexus?

Thank you and bighug
 Quoting: Unit3

1) What is your definition of chaos?

2) What do you mean by receive? And use it for what? Of course, you can use whatever you'd like for whatever purpose, with different results depending on what you're doing.

3) Please clarify.

4) No preparation is needed. The November 17th nexus is just a portal, and I am using it. I tend to use big portals for traveling in what would be called space and time. Though I am not quite sure of the values of this one it is done nonetheless.

Hugs to you, too :)
 Quoting: Chaol

1) I can only describe as it seems to me....I feel I'm just about to dissolve into molecules. That doesn't seem like chaos maybe, but to me it feels like it.

2) The language just came out of me. I heard someone singing a beautiful song and looked around to see who it was....only to realize it was me.

3) I think the girl in the video has Esycs language in her mind as she interacts with symbols. I thought I could use my language to interact with symbols the same as she. I did so today while I walked...just didn't have a goal in mind. However, I got lost looking at the sparkles in the cement.

4) Maybe Roger put my symbol in Toon Town after all! Heh!

 Quoting: Unit3

1) I screwed up and put 2 symbols from 2 different Genius maps in the same space. Can I still use the space if I start all over. And use 1 new symbol in it for 1 Genius? And can I keep everything else in the Genius map the same after I change the symbol?

2)You said you would be gone a month. How long is that in your time?


Hi Queen Jay. I did the same thing. Started reading a thread and jumped to the end. ;o)
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