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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
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 Quoting: Unit3

Dodec, I'd like to ask you a question. Are you really ready to change your perspective this radically? I ask because I'm not sure I am.

Chaol has stated it's good to do something different from our usual, to broaden our perspective. I also wonder if we will need this kind of money for whatever takes place in 2013?

 Quoting: D0D3C 20177375

Yea, I'm ready.

The irony is, that the implications of succeeding would make that money worthless. Quantum physics and psychology have shown our perspective to be a very limited and likely illusory one.

Succeeding with the genius with such a large amount, which would be very out of perspective otherwise, would be enough to convince many people that the system is real.

If it is real and people can that easily effect their reality, I'm sure someone would use it to expand their perspective and thus make our very way of living and it's likely illusions obsolete. You yourself would set up a consciousness center if you had enough money generated from the genius.

So it is a game, be open minded and open to possibility, to succeed is to crack the code and open up limitless potential bound only by imagination. It is worth exploring whether a futile effort, a prank, or something deeply incredible. It's still more fun than watching some men run around a ball and smash into each other.

Remember to succeed means to be closer to the truth, sure sometimes the truth can be difficult, but I believe it is always a noble quest. Change can be hard, and sometimes it can mean giving something up, but sometimes you need to let go of what holds you back to discover what's even greater waiting beyond it.

Remember the law of relationships. Nothing exists without interactions. If there were only good things, certain good things would start to be perceived as bad things. Otherwise good wouldn't exist. That's why you'll soon witness some Christmas tweets about not getting the newest phone or a new car when other people in the world show more appreciation than these people ever would for just a piece of bread.

So live in the moment, appreciate everything for what it is. If it turns out bad, know that it is an experience which will make a future one all the better. Enjoy life to it's fullest because all you have is the present.

What you have is choice. And if you do what you did you will get what you got. If the future and everything all ready exists, then live for this very moment. Because in every moment can make decisions, and in that moment you can do anything that you want to do.

"We Have nothing to fear except fear itself"
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Thanks. This is good advice. hf

I have considered I can screw up the Genius and stop the ball rolling, so your comment that I have choice is a great reminder. ;o)

If I didn't know Chaol and this group, I wouldn't be as apprehensive about it. I just want the time to be here, do what I need to do and not taking care of that kind of thing. Btw, if you find a great attorney, etc:., let me know, LOL!

I guess I'll do a Genius for the help I'll need, but I'm not sure how to get somebody from Chaol's world or someone trying to get there! Any ideas about that?

The real irony for me in this whole thing, is talking with Chaol, is just like talking with my husband. Although there are some great improvements, LOL! When Chaol posted how hard is it for him to order at Denny's, I thought I'd croak. This is so familiar!

And now, Chaol is leaving, just as my husband also left...although with great improvements too! So very strange to me...like I said in an earlier post....it seems a Giant Genius plan has been in effect my entire life. (I already heard you Jesse....it's perspective, the crumbs I left for myself! ;o) So, my perspective is it's still strange!)

Edit: Tried twice to get your quote in aquamarine. The html is there but not taking! blink

Btw, Dodec, when your company gets to a certain point, you oughta sell it for billions. (think YT) So, I'm not sure how to create your Genius for it, but that's what I would do. I know money will be worthless at some point, just not sure when.
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