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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content
I have created another Genius model for my new car.
This time it represents our first travel to the beach with the new car. Car details remain the same.

Symbol: I cut out a non-figurative form from a plastic plate (you know the one in which you have your lunch delivered to home), made a few cuts on it and folded into a nice "something". I colored one of its side to orange with a highlighter and drilled two holes then added a red string so that I can hang it onto a lamp in the hall.

Possibility/space: the hall of our apartment.

Interaction: the lamp where it hangs is above the mirror. Before leaving the apartment we usually stand in front of that, so we will interact with it a lot of times. It might also interact with the hair dryer that we usually use there, the clothes, coat, hat, scarf that we take on before leaving. It can also interact with the car keys as it is just next to the mirror.

Logic/rules: until getting the car, on every day when I see a Ford S-Max on the street, I will hang the symbol to the other lamp above the mirror (note: there are two identical lamps above it). Until getting the car, on every Sunday, before leaving in the morning, I will knock at the symbol with my car keys three times. Until getting the car, whenever I dry my hair in front of the mirror, I will direct the hair dryer towards the symbol so that it will see-saw and turn around.
 Quoting: madcaddy

Sounds good to me. I'd tie it into the 17th nexus too.
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