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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content
Why don't we make a Genius so we can get your technology here? Would it work? ;o)

Here is a sample Genius for it:

Check out innovative software program from Chaol's world

1) Symbol: Rubber band with a paper clip through it

2) Space: On top of print-out from this page
[link to ecsys.org]

of the website and put in a zip lock bag with a weight on top, outside on patio:

3) Interaction: Wind, clouds, birds, plants, sun, stars, people.

5) Every Tuesday, I will make a strange sound as I look at it. I will subscribe to a technology newsletter, Saturday, Nov. 17. Every Saturday, I will read about the latest technology esp. concerning functions of the mind and I will lift my eyebrows when done reading. I will place a * in my Genius page on new technology, the first time I use new technology.

Dunno how much more you'll be online. So, I just want to say I'll sure miss you. A month sure seems like a long time. But, I will stay busy. Most of all though, I hope it's a wonderful time for you. hf
 Quoting: Unit3

Hi. Sure, you can try. But the technology that is used in my world is very different that what this world's perspective would allow. The issue would be that it is difficult for you to imagine what it is. A Genius may steer you there, but you'd have to keep an open mind about what the technology we use is. Just think of software in the brain, and you are the programmer who can code instantly to alter your reality.

The technology that I present to you here on these threads is somewhat a re-interpretation of the technology that some of us use in my world. We call it "X", I call it "Ecsys". The elements have different names but the same functions and used in more advanced ways. I've given you the basics (even though they're difficult for me to explain) and hopefully by the time you get to more advanced levels you'll teach us a thing or two :)

I'll miss all of you, too. It's been both educations, fun and revealing for me!
 Quoting: Chaol

Ahhhh! ;o)

Yes, I'm thinking of a more "live' technology. I thought maybe my Genius could help either bring it from your world or at least get ours more advanced to close the gap somewhat.

And I'm counting on intuition to tell me when it's "the" technology resulting from my Genius.
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