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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle CatCarel
Post Content
If there is nothing Neuronics can not do, why not take death out of one's perspective? And old age? Disease, deformity etc:.
 Quoting: Unit3

If those things did not have some benefit then it would not be experienced.

There once was a boy who met a genie. The genie gave him 3 wishes.

"I wish for and endless supply of wishes" the boy commanded.

"Very well" said the genie. "You have an endless supply, and two more wishes after that."

The first wish that the boy wished for was a spaceship to take him far from Earth. He traveled far, and along the way he wished for things like air, food, water, friends to play with, and more.

Although the journey to other worlds was fun, after a while he grew tired and wished for an endless amount of physical energy so that he'll never have to rest.

He still had an unlimited supply of wishes left, which comforted him. Yet, he was still quite lonely because he continued to realize that his friends were not real. They only came to be and came to play because he wished it.

It was all an illusion, really.

He eventually came back to Earth because he grew lonely and missed the things he could not control. He missed fighting with his brother because it also meant that he liked making up with him. He missed his homework because it gave him something to do and meant that he would have a sense of accomplishment. He missed his parents because even though he had problems and it wasn't a perfect family, they have been there since the beginning.

After considering all of this for quite some time he decided that life is better left to its own elements.

His second wish was to 'undo' his first wish, and return the endless supply of wishes back to the genie.

He lived a happy life for a number of years. But still, in the back of his mind was the lingering thought that it was all an illusion. That somehow his life, which he was now quite happy with, is something that he wished for. He wanted to feel more secure and that. He wanted life to be itself and to be as real as it could possibly be.

What an awful thought! To think that even he is not real and does not exist. "What could be worse that having absolutely no value?", he would think. This troubled him too much, and one day he came to a decision.

Finally used his third wish.

"I wish I never met the genie"

And in a puff of smoke the genie vanished.
 Quoting: Chaol

He created the genie, then chose to forget him. Hrm.
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