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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
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Hi guys,

I have an Ecsys question, which I didn't ask almost a year ago now, because I thought I must just not be understanding it. (I may have asked back then, but never got an answer. Mind is blurry.)

Any way, now that I've studied and learned more, there is still something that's confusing me.

Can someone please explain to me how -S+I = NO ?

1. Isn't the neuronicon for NO = -S+P

I keep reading -S+I as KILO from the pronunciation chart [link to ecsys.org]

But on this page [link to ecsys.org] , under Using "EC: 1 - English-to-EC" it says the word for "constitution" is pronounced oo-n-ing.

In the side paragraph, it says "Let's then say the next icon is (neutral)Symbol and +Interaction."

2. I read this as GO = S+I ; Is this correct?

But then above the second neuronicon in the graphic for constitution, neutral Symbol and high Interaction is noted as -S+I

3. Wouldn't neutral symbol be S (no "-")?

Any help greatly appreciated. This is what stopped me from moving forward confidently before.

Thank you!!
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-S / I = Do

-s / P = Hello

kilo = -S / +I

no = -S / +P
 Quoting: dodec 20177375

Okay, thanks. So there are some typos on that page (which I found very hard to believe, hence my mad confusion!):

Word "constitution":

(From the text)
The first icon of the word has an input of +Symbol and an output of (neutral)Logic... the next icon is (neutral)Symbol and +Interaction... the last icon is -Interaction and +Logic.

Proper definition: +SL S+I -I+L

Proper pronunciation: th-g-ing


On that page, it says the pronunciation for constitution is "oo-n-ing", which is way different than "th-g-ing".

Please let me know if I'm still off, but if not, it clears up a lot for me. Thanks!
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Good catch, and my apologies for the confusion with the example graphic. It has been corrected.
 Quoting: Chaol

Ahhhhh, THANK YOU <3

See you in a ~month, everyone!

(And see some of you in your dreams)

 Quoting: Chaol



EDIT: There is still a typo in the example graphic: The second icon (GO) should not have the box on the input. I'm just adding this here so those who are new to it don't get confused and give up. It is quite easy, now that I know the sample matches my understanding of the language. Woohoo!
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