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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
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Thanks, Chaol
For myself,I wouldn't say I seek balance - more a feeling of RESONANCE or CONNECTION, with my environment...

Have you ever not felt that?
 Quoting: chocolategoddess


For me, if each of us did not feel this we would not be able to communicate, to perceive, or even to function.

It's not a feeling reserved for a certain few. Or something that happens only when you're dead or "enlightened". It's impossible to not be connected and feel resonance with your perspective (or, your self if you prefer).

There is as much value in someone not 'feeling' connected as there is in someone feeling that they are.

Without the illusion of separation there would be nothing that exists.

"Something" is born from feeling separated, rather than knowing, understanding, and feeling one is already unified with everything.

Certain new age, religious, and other teachings, unfortunately, work against the very thing they are trying to promote simply by teaching that one state of being is better than an other state of being.

Very few would want to hear this, or hear that there is a lot of value in not seeking what is currently called enlightenment.

Yes, there are many things to know and feel. And a lot of 'good' feelings can come from meditation, for example. But it does not mean it should be the state of mind/being that anyone should seek.

Each person is different, and each life has different needs.

Translated into English, when we recycling and try to "save the world" we are actually working against nature (and the natural course of things). I could use other examples but it would definitely be unpopular and cause a stir.

Let's just say that not everything is what we expect (or want it to be).
 Quoting: Chaol

Juuuust bumping this. It's pertinent to the current discussion here.
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