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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Y'all need to stop freaking out about Sekhmet. She is a SYMBOL. Her name is a SYMBOL. That is, they are representations of something else.

It is probably the Egyptians that named her the goddess of war. It appears that they abused a symbol whose original invention was to illustrate a force. This is probably why Chaol called the Egyptians "terrorists". It is not much different from what we do nowadays: every new invention that could benefit our civilization, is instead turned into a weapon of war.

Rather than a lion's head on the body of a woman, imagine a bar magnet. Better yet, imagine a magnet in the shape of a long cylinder, standing on end. Now, imagine copper wire being wound around this magnet. The south pole is at your feet. The north pole is your head. The south pole sucks up energies from below, the north pole radiates those energies outward. The copper wire conducts electricity, which also causes the paths of energy to swirl up the cylinder, rather than move in a straight line.

Can you not see how this is the key? The bridge? The portal?

THIS is what is represented by a symbol from 30,000 years ago, before it was corrupted into all sorts of scary imagery. That imagery may very well have been dramatized in order to keep you away from knowing something.
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