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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content

You'll often be surprised about how ingenious the path to your desired perspective may be.

You can also make use of multiple representations simultaneously.

The illusion and the real thing are both representations of the same thing. You just call one illusion real because it's a sibling and the other one not-Real because it's a cousin.

Hope this helps.
 Quoting: Chaol 20177375

Your first statement brings a thought to me. If we are taking symbols to arrange patterns (in our mind) and then letting the Genius do the work, what is the Genius exactly?

Here's what you say on the website:

"Using the Genius you can create a map from one perception to the next. If you can imagine it then you can show yourself how to get there from where you are. The best part about the Genius maps is that we're working with locations in your mind, not physical locations. The steps above should provide the necessary intent to your "subconscious" to make that shift happen"

What do you call the subconscious?

And I can see that I make use of multiple representations simultaneously because look at all that's going on at any time. What I wonder about is how you get any rest knowing how you do this? It seems you would be always conscious of what you are thinking. It doesn't sound restful to me at this point in my understanding.
 Quoting: Chaol

My personal definition is different than the one I use in these discussions.

When I refer to subconscious I am referring to the non-waking mind that sits closer with the wheel of perception. However, my definition would be something like, "...those values in our perspective that are most related to us without being what we consider ourselves to be."
 Quoting: Unit3

And how did you arrive that you have a non-waking part of your mind....and how do you know it sits closer with the wheel of perception?

I am guessing you have done what I do and that is observe that many of the things in my perspective seem there not by choice.
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