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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content
What is outside my perspective is now my favorite thought! hf

So, all these people I think I know who are 'beyond the veil' and united with their 'higher self' is my own perspective!!!!!!!!! 1rof1

So, now I am looking at how I ended up with this in my perspective. I've always looked for Truth.

So, I ended up with a boyfriend (met him through a girlfriend who highly recommended him) who had a book sitting on his table that I picked up and read.

It had 'new' ideas (to me) which opened the door to exploring this new area of 'Truth' and finding more and more authors and people experiencing it. I even experimented and experienced some of the same things myself. However, I did see that whatever beliefs I held at the time, influenced my understanding of what happened.

So...I still searched for Truth.

I eventually ended up in GLP and eventually saw this thread on the front page of the forum, for about the 1,000th time, heh! I finally decided to see what it's about.

Now, I'm here still searching for Truth!!!! lmao

(I do feel I"m much closer now, heh!)

What was it you said the other day Chaol....everything stays the same, everything changes?
 Quoting: Unit3

There's no end to the search ;)
 Quoting: Chaol

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