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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Ambra
Post Content

Interesting that such a question had me pondering a bit.

The very first answer to that was "rest". But then I realized it's not it. I feel more rested when I lay on the couch, either with the laptop, or watching some TV.

I usually delay going to bed, until the very last minute. So I'd rather say "exhaustion", or deep sleep and dreams.

Thinking further, due to lack of companionship, my current bed/symbol has seen zero sexual activity for a perceived long time, so it's pretty much a cold representation. :( But that's about to change with the use of the Genius! :)

Short of buying an eerie fake boyfriend doll (lol!), I'll start by placing a representation of companionship on it.

I thought of dusting off my old teddy bear, which has been sitting in a dark closet for years. Poor thing. It was my trusted companion and I shared all my thoughts with it, as a child.
 Quoting: Ambra 30715424

I have an idea.....and it will kill a lot of birds with one Genius (a new saying, heh)

How about you and I work on a Genius together for a true love from Chaol's world? We would then also get our own teacher, :o)!!!!

Not that I'm griping about Chaol, but I have to live this stuff to really learn it. He is doing great but I want more, heh!!!!

What do you think?
 Quoting: Unit3

That sounds great!

We just have to make sure our Geniuses will take us to two representatives from Chaol's world, or else we'll be cat fighting over him! he he

It's interesting that you mention that, because I was pondering on the qualities of my new soon to be perceived companion, and thought something quite similar! :)
 Quoting: Ambra 30733622

If you do a genius with your symbols and space and I do mine with my symbols and space, I think we would each have a guy, heh!

Feel free to PM me with your email address (or post it here if you feel comfortable doing that). We can brainstorm privately and then present our genius plans to chaol.
 Quoting: Unit3

I'd rather do everything on this board, so others can follow the process, if they so wish (or they can skip it), and/or Chaol can correct it.

Considering the mixed results I'm getting with the kabuchu word, I will have be very careful in defining the companion concept!

For example, this morning I found on the front porch, not just the white kitten, but the other tan one, which had never ventured over here so far! Two kittens, and a stray cat has sprayed the porch overnight, creating an unbearable stench... Oh my!!! lol!

I think I'll stick with a companion from this world. The last thing I want, is to define the arrival of someone from the other world, and get the departure of someone from this world, like a friend dying or my pet disappearing!

On another note, last night I dusted off my old teddy bear, and her girlfriend bear I bought for him eons ago, so he wouldn't feel lonely. I always thought that things have their own life, and while catching up I'm reading that Chaol states the same.

They smell musty/moldy [years in the closet in a plastic bag], so I'm going to refresh them with the jet-steam cleaner today. I simply placed them on the chest drawer in the bedroom, instead of on my bed... last night I had the weirdest vivid dream about men, and a cooking contest. I don't recall the details now, but it was a very eventful dream, full of people.

The plan is to create a unique genius symbol, a neuronicon for the concept [to map all related things that match the same input/output], create a unique word for the feeling, and start doing things "as if".

For instance, buy (after the Holiday craze) and start sleeping in cute night wear, instead of the current ugly torn our sweat pants [which are a signature of being single]. If a companion were to magically appear, I'd be frozen in embarrassment, creating much inner resistance.

Another inner resistance is my body shape not "quite" there yet. Getting closer though. I want to appear a little more slender and toned up. So I will have to work on this too, either just prior or at the same time.

I'll share all symbols once I have them.

Here you go, this is my brainstorming!
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