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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
On another note, I recall Chaol saying at the beginning of the thread, to create new words for experiences we intend to perceive.

My neighbors got a white kitten, very cute (and the clone of my white cat Leonardo when he was a baby cat). The kitten of course likes to play and explore, and she has been a pest getting in and stealing the food on all occasions. My main activity has been chasing away the cat for a while now, lol. Basically, I am under siege at all times.

When she gets bigger, my poor Leo may get mistakenly chased instead of her...

Today, as I was exercising with the open door, I thought of Chaol's words, and came up with the word "kabuchu" to express the experience of an open door in complete relaxation. Within the concept of "kabuchu", my cats are free to move around and get in and out. it's not a limit to them, only a border where the unwanted stays out.

Kabuchu represents all entrances, including the gate to the garden, a peaceful territory.

Since I implemented it a few hours ago, I've seen the kitten only once (vs. all the time), and I chased her saying the word out loud to her. The door is open as I am typing this!

I'll keep you posted on how it goes, I am assuming there will be some bleed-through as the new experience adjusts itself.
 Quoting: Ambra 30632718

I've made some portions of the above text bold for reference.

It would appear that you have not properly defined the word.

You've mentioned also that "...I couldn't remember it and misspelled it in my mind..."

So what exactly is kabuchu?

Is it 1) the experience of an open door; 2) a border where the unwanted stays out; 3) all entrances; or 4) something else?

I don't think it could be a border and an open door at the same time. The cats are probably confused about it :)

Yes, you can come up with a new word. But be sure to define exactly what it is.

You seemed to only mention using it with cats that you did not want to come in. But I wonder if you've used the word appropriately to your intention?

Using the word (appropriately) is the most important part.

Also, be clear about your definitions. For example, if it's a border where the unwanted stays out then one question is, "Unwanted to whom?" To you, neighbors, cats? It should be clear and easy to understand. The more conditions you have for your word the less effective it would be. That's where a string of new words would be useful, though I would suggest getting one to work for now.
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