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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Ambra
Post Content
Chaol, thank you very much for your help!
I can see how the confusion was created now.

In explaining the result I intend, I was thinking about negative statements, as "I don't want the kitten rushing in at all times and feel under siege", and focused on the "door and all entrances" as the border.

Instead, I will state something about the kittens (including the tan one now) specifically.

Maybe the following will work better?

Mahlvallah =

1 - "[Name of both] kittens play and eat happily elsewhere"

or, possibly better

2 - "[Name of both] kittens have lost interest in interacting with me"
 Quoting: Ambra 30767611

How about a word that does not imply some kind of resistance? It may be more effective. Both numbers 1 and 2 imply a resistance.
 Quoting: Chaol

I'll take the kittens out of the equation (as they are a source of resistance).

I have to say that Ecsys really makes one dig deep into their psychology, thinking of what each detail entails!

I just realized that the invading kittens are just an expression of also their owners. Really nice people, but there is a family group in two houses visiting each other and passing by, in a garden set up that makes me feel little privacy (confined).

Mahlvallah = "I am free in my living space"
It's the least resistance I can put in it, I guess. Lol!
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