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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content

Nothing precedes the perspective.

One does not come before the other.

Think of the new perspective as having an effect on all directions (past/present/future).

There is no default perspective. We experience what is most relative to us, all things considered.

The knowledge of knowing how (to wish, or whatever we want to call it) does not dictate the experience. It is experienced regardless of whether or not we think we know what we are doing.


I don't know. My post was simply following you on this:
"It's all your perception. If some of your perceptions are good while others are bad, then it is difficult to see your reality as a single perspective."
Not that my following on you was not false (you didn't reply to it anyway)
 Quoting: panoukos

If the intention is to reach a singular perspective (as a state of being) then the experience would be nothing, as there would be no conflict or drama. There would be nothing to perceive.

However, if the intention is to consider your reality as varying aspects of what you are then it would be difficult to do so if you wanted to attract some values while resisting or rejecting others.

We can consider ourselves as being all things in our perspective without the emptiness of actually being a single perspective.

Apologies for not being more clear about this.

By "You are as much a singular perspective now as you will ever be," I mean that the illusion of perspective is an illusion. A singular perspective dictates that nothing is there with which to compare, and thus to know. So we are all ready what we seek, if we are seeking a singular perspective.

We are all ready "nothing" and this "something" is an illusion.
 Quoting: Chaol

Wow, lots to think about here.

Okay, I see that we have perspective at all times. We use bread crumbs (thanks Jesse) to "expand or explore" them.

We are nothing so that's why we can fill with something, which is consciousness.

However, you state above that whether we know what we are doing or not (with the Genius), we don't dictate the experience. So why are we learning how to use the Genius? And who has a subconscious if we are nothing?

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