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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content
Now that we've briefly discussed use of the Genius how about we talk about ways that we use it in our everyday lives, without realizing it?

Take what you know about how to make a Genius model and apply it to the world that is all ready around you.

This is a tricky one but it is the step that leads up to more advanced uses of Ecsys.

I'll start with a hint:

Everything of your perception is a symbol
 Quoting: Chaol

Entering the dreamworld
Symbol - Queen size bed
Space - Bedroom
Interaction - Trying to gain an inch of mattress and pillow, while cats are faster than me as they jump over
Logic - Turning to left side of body, closing eyes and following colored shapes, until waking consciousness fades away
 Quoting: Ambra 30479979

Yes. And your interacts have an effect on your dreamworld.

Anything you interact with has an effect on what you'd call your past/present/future perspective.

What does your bed represent?
 Quoting: Chaol

Interesting that such a question had me pondering a bit.

The very first answer to that was "rest". But then I realized it's not it. I feel more rested when I lay on the couch, either with the laptop, or watching some TV.

I usually delay going to bed, until the very last minute. So I'd rather say "exhaustion", or deep sleep and dreams.

Thinking further, due to lack of companionship, my current bed/symbol has seen zero sexual activity for a perceived long time, so it's pretty much a cold representation. :( But that's about to change with the use of the Genius! :)

Short of buying an eerie fake boyfriend doll (lol!), I'll start by placing a representation of companionship on it.

I thought of dusting off my old teddy bear, which has been sitting in a dark closet for years. Poor thing. It was my trusted companion and I shared all my thoughts with it, as a child.
 Quoting: Ambra 30715424

May I ask, for how long have you only thought of your bed as a 'last resort' for sleep? (Rather than something you could feel relaxed or comfortable on.)
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