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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Ambra
Post Content

Entering the dreamworld
Symbol - Queen size bed
Space - Bedroom
Interaction - Trying to gain an inch of mattress and pillow, while cats are faster than me as they jump over
Logic - Turning to left side of body, closing eyes and following colored shapes, until waking consciousness fades away
 Quoting: Ambra 30479979

Yes. And your interacts have an effect on your dreamworld.

Anything you interact with has an effect on what you'd call your past/present/future perspective.

What does your bed represent?
 Quoting: Chaol

Interesting that such a question had me pondering a bit.

The very first answer to that was "rest". But then I realized it's not it. I feel more rested when I lay on the couch, either with the laptop, or watching some TV.

I usually delay going to bed, until the very last minute. So I'd rather say "exhaustion", or deep sleep and dreams.

Thinking further, due to lack of companionship, my current bed/symbol has seen zero sexual activity for a perceived long time, so it's pretty much a cold representation. :( But that's about to change with the use of the Genius! :)

Short of buying an eerie fake boyfriend doll (lol!), I'll start by placing a representation of companionship on it.

I thought of dusting off my old teddy bear, which has been sitting in a dark closet for years. Poor thing. It was my trusted companion and I shared all my thoughts with it, as a child.
 Quoting: Ambra 30715424

May I ask, for how long have you only thought of your bed as a 'last resort' for sleep? (Rather than something you could feel relaxed or comfortable on.)
 Quoting: Chaol

For a very long time. Years.

All technology is in the living room, computer, tv... and everything else I interact with, including the fireplace.

I could implement some changes, and try to read in bed, or do tarot cards spreads. Right now it truly feels as a "last resort"! If I'm awake, I get bored.
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