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Message Subject Notes from an "alternate universe". Introduction to a new way of thinking.
Poster Handle Chaol
Post Content

It would be far more effective if it was something unique that you created, with little-to-no inherent meaning.
 Quoting: Chaol

I am very confused about the Awareness Expansion Exercise now.

Wasn't that supposed to be done with what surrounds us, keep one value and change the other three?

Some posters mentioned using a comb as a scratcher, or placing a screwdriver in the toothbrush cup. You mentioned the coin example.

Something unique with no inherent meaning is for the Genius, right?
I thought the exercise was a different thing.
 Quoting: Ambra 30715424

Yes, you can do the awareness expansion exercise with what is around you.

But do the Genius (a separate thing) with something new.

Let me know how it goes.
 Quoting: Chaol

The wax owl candle was for the exercise, not the Genius.

I kept the symbol (a decorating candle).
Interaction - changed (all elements in bathroom)
Possibility/space - changed (bathroom shelf)
Logic - changed (placing on sink when brushing teeth)

Because it feels as if I simply moved something around (which I constantly do, as I am decluttering and improving the space), maybe the interaction is too simple? Should I use it as a "wrinkle-eraser", rather than decoration?
 Quoting: Ambra 30767611

Hi. My oversight there. Your example is more than fine.

The exercise is for the practice of changing the elements of something. Meaning, to make it more flexible in your reality to pierce the veil of your perspective. This can allow you to see and understand how one thing is multiple things.

So rather than looking directly for results in the candle (and its respective elements) we are looking to results in our perspective.

It's not just redecorating or moving your candle from one place to an other because you have identified what elements comprise its existence in your perspective.

In a way you are shaking things up in your perspective. You are defining the way in which the candle interacts with your reality and consciously changing it.

Such practice will expand your perspective (for lack of better terms) because you are learning how to perceive things for more than they appear to be.

You may want to practice with a few more and see if you see any change in your perspective.

This is closely related to how the Genius works. With practice, a book on your table 'becomes' your dream house (after experiencing the logical narrative of it all) because the dream house is the book. (Or, as it may be said, the two values spring from the same perspective and are made of the same substance: perspective.)

So, when you flex your perspective muscles by changing the way your perspective is calculated (so to speak) you are learning how to perceive something for more than it appears to be.

This is the path the Genius takes. The 'morphing' from one thing to an other is a way for you to make sense of it.

I hope this helps, and my apologies for thinking of the two together before.
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